What are the Best Days and Times to Post on Social Media?

Best Days and Times to Post on Social MediaIf you read our last post, you know that KB Concepts is on a mission to reduce our clients’ stress about social media. Overwhelmed ourselves with the daily onslaught of content, we post just three times per week on each social platform and encourage others to do the same. In this way we hope to lessen the pressure while sharing consistent, high quality and meaningful content for our clients.

After this decision on how often to post, the next question we get is when to post. Which days of the week and times of day are optimal? The answer – as with how often to post — depends on the platform.

Social media management software developer Sprout Social reviewed the activity and results of their 25,000 customers and came up with these recommendations. Remember this is a general guide, and unique audiences may call for different approaches.

Midday & Midweek Rules

Facebook: Wednesday is the best day to post; Sunday the worst. Best times are midday, between 11 am – 1 pm, with 9 am – 3 pm as the wider range. It makes sense that more people check their feeds during their lunch breaks, right? Early morning before 7 am and evenings after 5 pm see the least engagement.

Twitter: With 500 million tweets each day, Twitter is a hotbed of information and content that can guide your brand strategy. Sprout Social’s data show the best days to post are Tuesday and Wednesday; the best times are Wednesday and Friday at 9 am, while 8 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday are safe times. Worst day to post: Saturday.

Instagram: With Stories and IGTV, this platform of 1 billion and growing offers so many fun ways to engage with your audiences. And like Facebook and Twitter, Wednesday and midday Monday – Friday are the best days and times to post, late nights and Sundays not so great.

LinkedIn: While targeting a more specific B2B audience as well as job seekers, LinkedIn also gets the most engagement during business hours, Monday- Friday, tapering off after 3 pm. Best day is again Wednesday, and best times are 9 am and noon.

Bottom line, posting midday during the week is your best bet on social media, especially if you’re trying to post less with maximum engagement and success. And remember, three times per week on most platforms is plenty. On Twitter, you can post three times and retweet some of the other excellent content you’ll find there.

We believe this manageable formula will lead to a far more relaxing and pleasant social media experience for all. If you need a break, let’s chat about KB Concepts handling your social media for you!

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