The Power of Your Personal Brand

We all know that having a strong personal brand is important to our business success. But what exactly is branding and how do we know if we’re doing it right?

The Power of Personal BrandingBranding is all that you – and by extension your business — represents at its authentic core. To have a strong, successful and effective brand, you have to first know who you are and what you do better than anyone else.

If your audience’s perception of your brand isn’t what you want or need it to be, it’s time to take the reins. But how?

The Arlington Chamber Communications Council, which I am pleased to co-chair with Maritza Lizama of LiMon LLC, will hold the first of three events that answer this crucial question on Friday, April 24. If you want to strengthen your brand to reach new levels of success, this session is the place to start.

Moderated by Communications Council member John Matthews of Gryphix Coaching & Development, LLC, Raise the Bar: The Power of Your Personal Brand, will feature Melanie Spring, Chief Inspiration Officer for DC-based Sisarina, a brand strategy agency, and a renowned national expert on this topic, and Don Larson, Founder & CEO of the Sunshine Nut Company in Mozambique, Africa, a visionary who truly personifies his brand. This dynamic duo will share their wisdom on the power of personal branding and how critical it is for every organization’s success.

Topics they’ll address in the session include how to:

  • Determine who you are and what you stand for
  • Decide what qualities you’ll become “known for” and how to leverage them in every situation
  • Break through the clutter and become memorable
  • Build an emotional connection between your brand and your audience
    Create instant value by helping others first
  • Make sure your brand is consistent across all channels

Raise the Bar


The second event in the Raise the Bar Series, scheduled for Friday, June 5, will focus on The Power of Visual Content. With the explosion of social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snap Chat, along with the major role images play on websites, in the media and in all forms of communication, photos, graphics and videos are vital to successfully telling your story and reaching your audiences in the most meaningful ways.

On Friday, October 2, the final event in the series will explore The Power of Influencer Marketing. More and more companies are turning to this increasingly popular way to reach their target audiences through influential people who have large followings on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. These “influentials” can share messages and promote products far more effectively than traditional advertising, especially to millennials, and often for a fraction of the cost.

From its Back to Basics series two years ago to the Beyond the Basics series last year, the Communications Council takes its efforts one step further in 2015 to help Chamber members and other businesses and organizations Raise the Bar on their communications and marketing strategies. Sessions are $30 for members and $50 for non-members. Members can also reserve a spot for all three sessions for $75.

For my money, this series is another excellent content offering from the Chamber that provides business leaders in Arlington and the surrounding region with the latest tools and information they need to meet and exceed their goals. I hope you join me in taking advantage of these terrific sessions with nationally respected expert speakers. To register, click here.

This post originally appeared in the Arlington Chamber of Commerce blog, 4/16/15:

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